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OCM’s RC Pilot Training Program

The training program is designed for new-pilots wanting to learn the sport of RC flying and get a solo pilot certificate.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with one of the flight trainers list below.  This certification only allows the trained pilot to fly at OCM’s current field.  .

Flight-Training Instructors:

Danny Ditursi (732) 818-1692, Chief Instructor

Joe Acquisto (732) 614-2737 Mike Cook (732) 833-6529

Harry Jenkin (732) 255-5836 Dean Kraus (732) 240-0138

Bill Bollard (732) 614-8967


Your own equipment can be used for training as long as it is approved by the flight instructor.  However final testing and certification will be conducted on OCM’s trainer plane.  During training your flight instructor will have your transmitter linked to buddy box for safety and training.

Who are considered student pilots?

If you are not identified as a certified pilot by OCM and listed in the club membership, then you are still considered as a student-pilot.

All perspective OCM members need to be checked out for his/her flying capability, even if you have flow at other AMA sanctioned flying fields, to determine if they can be granted solo-flight privileges.

Safety is our prime concern. We discourage student pilots to teach themselves how to fly, this could risk the safety of everyone else present at the flying location.   Therefore, no-one is exempt from being checked out to fly solo.


Who can instruct or train a student pilot to learn how to fly a radio controlled model airplane?

Any experienced certified solo-pilot can train students how to fly provided they feel confident to do so.  We suggest certified pilots with over 50 hours of flight time.  All students must be trained using a buddy box. Final pilot certification must be by a OCM designated flight instructor to certify a pilot to fly solo.

What are the requirements to becoming an OCM certified solo-pilot?

The minimum requirements are identified in the student training log-booklet.  Student pilots should be capable of performing all of the maneuvers within the student training log-booklet prior to flight test.  It is recommended that each new student read and understand ground school, by-laws and safety rules before certification is issued. You can find this information on this web site.

What to do if you are a new member having previously been considered a solo-pilot with another RC club?

If you are new member not identified as a solo pilot, but believe you are, please contact the chief flight instructor (listed above) so you can be check out and certified.


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