History of Ocean County Modelers (OCM)   history

Ocean County Modelers (OCM) was established in June 1971.  The OCM Club was incorporated in May 1991. OCM was registered in Toms River, NJ as a building and operating radio control model club.  The name of the club was chosen because the founding members were from all counties of Ocean.  The first trustees under the incorporated club were, James Marildo, John La Magra and Bryon Lau.  OCM was and continues to be a very active club.

Private flying and building was the main stay of the club for many years.  In 1989 OCM began conducting flying events that continue to this day.  The annual pattern contest began in 1989. Jet Fun-Fly events and pylon races at the Lakehurst flying site began in 1991 through 2000.   Today we continue to hold Fun Fly’s for all aircraft, Pattern contest, 3D flying, as well as other community events for our members, their families and the general public.

OCM allows flying for all scales of RC flying, including Giant scale , Jets, Sport, Trainer, Park Flyers, Micro, Helicopters and Drones.

OCM is very active in our community.  In the past many years OCM continues to donated to the college scholarship funds for Jackson Township high school students perusing aeronautics.  Our community efforts continues with training, demonstrations and teaching our youth about aeronautics.  OCM is involved with several community groups including,  Manchester High School, New Egypt Elementary School,  local Cub Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) program.  OCM members invest their time and talents to promote the sport and encourage our youth to pursue Engineering and Aeronautics.

OCM is dedicated to supporting our service men and women who have been wounded in our country’s military conflicts.  We are proud to continue to support the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and DAV (Disabled American Veterans).

Flying Sites

OCM began flying at Miller field in Tom River,  the Ocean County Mall location, prior to the mall being built and a field on New Hampshire Ave.  On weekends the Club flue at Foxtrot Circle on Lakehurst Naval Air Station (NAS) from about 1975 to 2000. Due to changes at the NAS base, flying was suspended at the Foxtrot Circle in 2000. During the transition from Foxtrot Circle to Wiskow Field, the club was using the field across from Patriots Park, in Jackson, NJ.

Wiskow Field Acquisition

The club was alerted by member Bud Schumaker to a newspaper article about the formal closing of the ‘Legler Landfill’ site in Jackson.  It had something of a notorious past, and was the original Super Fund site that was forced to close in 1996. OCM inquired about the property and the Township was extremely receptive to the idea of utilizing the area for a beneficial activity, rather than abandoned the 89 acre site.   A site plan, architectural drawings and proof of insurance was provided to the township and a tentative 5 year lease was offered, provided the club could meet the approval of the DEP, the Pinelands and Soil Conservation Commissions.  Assistant Business Administrator, Dane Wells, was designated liaison for the Township, while Charles Wiskow represented the club.

Since the site was strictly regulated it would be monitored at the sluice and test well points during the next 25 to 30 years.   The process incurred  3 years of applications, revisions, conditions, rules and then further changes and guarantees.  As we mounted one hurdle we moved to the next, until all of the conditions were met. The lease was dated and signed and the field was turned over to OCM, however  the heartaches continued.

The field committee, not permitted to pave even with a bio-degradable material, opted to cover the field with wood chips. This required a new round of negotiations with the DEP for several months. All was cleared in Fall of 1999 and the field development committee took over. With the help of Dane Wells, and the Public Works Department.  They brought in mounds of chips and leveled and graded the field. They then provided compost soil, as did Lakewood, for the runway area. The club met the requirements of the lease, including posting specific rules, limiting access to members only;  fencing strict area of limitations;  etc. The grass runway is 350 feet long by 50 feet wide. The runway is surrounded by a very large over-fly zone.

Ocean County Modelers Air Park Wiskow Field, known as Wiskow Field was named in honor of Charles Wiskow (1927-2005). Charlie was the driving force in the acquisition and initial build-up of this flying field and our mentor with the Jackson Township government.  The OCM club moved to Wiskow field (known as Legler Landfill) in May , 1998 and began flying in 2000.

Club Meetings

OCM club meeting are held on the forth Wednesday of every month  at 7pm, except in December.  Since May of  2005, the club meets at the Manchester Municipal Complex on Colonial Drive, Manchester, NJ.  Prior meetings were held at the Township of Brick Municipal Complex.  This is an open meeting  so we encourage new members interested in joining to attend.


OCM has a diverse group of members,  “Where flight is our passion and the build is our desire.” Current membership is approximately 110 members, including 13 junior members under the age of 19.  The club is open to all modeling enthusiast , however membership with the Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is mandatory.

Members must abide by the safety/operational rules and by-laws as noted on our web site WWW.OCMRC.US.  OCM members also must abide by the AMA National Safety Code as posted on the AMA web site http://www.modelaircraft.org

Flying Control

Since the beginning OCM has enforced a frequency control plan for 72Mhz that allow 50 channels to be used by the club members. Today with the newer 2.4 Meghz frequency control is less a issue.  The newest technology of First Person View (FPV) is piloting  model aircraft from a first person perspective onboard. This is accomplished by means of tiny video cameras and wireless RF links.

OCM maintains a maximum sound ordinance restrictions of the local community.  In order to maintain adherence and stay below the maximum sound restrictions, OCM imposes a sound restriction level of  98 Db measured 9 feet downwind from the propeller with the engine(s) at full throttle on all r/c model aircraft at this flying site.

OCM Logo’s

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For more information on Ocean County Modelers (OCM) please contact us at;

oceancountymodelers@gmail.com or through our web site at WWW.OCMRC.US