REVISED MAY 28, 2014




1A.  The name of this organization shall be known as the “OCEAN COUNTY MODELERS, INC.” hereinafter referred to as THE CLUB.


1B.  THE CLUB shall operate under the charter of the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS, INC. hereinafter referred to as THE AMA.


1C.  THE CLUB shall be incorporated under the laws of New Jersey as a non-profit corporation.


1D.  DISSOLUTION: In the event THE CLUB is dissolved, it shall be liquidated under the applicable New Jersey statutes or as directed by competent authority having jurisdiction.



The objectives of THE CLUB are to promote the hobby of model aviation in all phases, to develop and maintain Programs designed encourage youth to enter into and sustain the hobby of model aviation and to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the modeling fraternity.



THE CLUB shall be non-political, non-partisan and open to anyone without regard for sex, race, creed or national origin.



4A.  THE CLUB will meet on one day of every other month as necessitated by site availability.


4B.  The location shall be as centrally located to its membership as is possible and large enough accommodate the entire membership.


4C.  The meeting shall be run according to “ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER,” but not conflicting with these by-laws.  The format shall be outlined by THE CLUB.  No business meeting shall be conducted unless a minimum of nineteen (19) members are present during THE CLUB’S monthly meeting.


4D.  Special meetings shall only be called by the PRESIDENT or by petition by no less than 25% of the membership of the club.


4E.  In those instances where a member of THE CLUB is also a member of another similar hobby club, not including THE AMA or similarly constituted Special Interest Group, and a vote is called for on a motion before THE CLUB’S membership, the member with multiple club membership shall not be permitted to vote if there appears to be a conflict of interest.


1).  Determination of conflict of interest shall rest solely with the presiding officer not having multiple memberships.


2).  If a conflict of interest exists, then THE CLUB members with dual membership shall designate a single spokesperson to present their viewpoint.


4F.  Recognized Speakers:  Every member previous to speaking or making a motion shall raise their hand to be recognized by the chair.  When two(2) or more members request the floor at the same time, the presiding officer shall name the entitled speaker.


4G.  Interrupting the Speakers: No member, recognized by the chair, shall be interrupted while speaking.


4H.  Disorderly Conduct:  At all meeting, any officer or member who may be disorderly at the meeting shall be asked to leave, and if they refuse they will be ejected from the meeting.  The President or presiding officer shall have the power to determine when a member is in such condition.


4I.  Refusing Voice and Vote:  The president or presiding officer shall have the power to refuse the voice or vote of any officer or member using profanity or insulting language during the meeting.





1A.  The governing body of THE CLUB shall consist of five officers.  They are the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, TREASURER, SECRETARY and SAFETY OFFICER.


1B.  A secondary body known as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, hereinafter referred to as THE BOARD, shall consist of the present officers, and three trustees.  The term of office for the trustees is three years.


  1. DUTIES:

2A.  PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meeting of the club and preserve order therein.  He shall enforce all club bylaws and decide all points of order which shall remain final unless reversed on appeal of two (2) members of the club in writing and then overruled by a majority of the members present at the meeting.  He shall along with the Vice President appoint all committees and chairperson to such committees.  He shall only vote in club matters when membership vote results in a tie.


2B.  VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assist the PRESIDENT in all above mentioned duties, shall monitor committees and shall assume the role of PRESIDENT in his or her absence.


2C.  TREASURER: Shall receive all moneys and deposit them in the bank account(s) maintained by THE CLUB, shall file a report at each monthly meeting, shall account for all income and expenditures, shall make the records available to any member or officer for inspection and shall pay by check all bills incurred by THE CLUB and approved by the membership.  A committee appointed from the membership at large shall review the TREASURER’s records prior to December 31st.


2D.  SECRETARY: Shall keep written minutes of all Board of Directors and CLUB meetings, maintain records of all votes and business conducted and shall make same available to all CLUB members at regular intervals as determined by THE CLUB.  The Secretary shall notify all members of all meetings and events.


In addition the SECRETARY Shall handle all correspondence on behalf of THE CLUB that is not specifically handled by another CLUB officer.  He or she shall be responsible for maintaining THE CLUB’s AMA Charter, bylaws, current roster and insurance certificates for the CLUB’s flying sites.


2E.  SAFETY OFFICER: Shall institute rules and regulations in compliance with the outline provided by the AMA in letter form, dated June 10, 1999.  Further, he shall also set rules and regulations in compliance with the AMA SAFETY CODE as set forth in the current AMA MEMBERSHIP MANUAL.


2F.  TRUSTEES: The Trustees will exercise careful supervision over the interest of the Club in matters of its leased property, equipment and other legal documents.  They will audit all records of the club quarterly and notify the Club of such audits.  They will signify the same by signing their names to the records certifying that they have been audited and the date.  For the purpose of expediency, the agreement by any 2 trustees and President or Vice President on matters put before them for consideration will be sufficient to approve necessary action. They along with the current sitting officers will be part of the Board of Directors.  The Trustee position will be the highest honored position this club has.  It is set for the highest respected members of the Club.


2G.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The BOARD shall meet once a month or as deemed necessary preceding the third Friday of each month for the purpose of discussing all problems, ideas and any other item pertinent to THE CLUB and make any recommendations they deem necessary.  The BOARD shall not have the power to make any final decision without the approval of the membership.  They shall keep written minutes of their proceedings.  These minutes shall be read at the next regular meeting and printed in THE CLUB’s newsletter.



3A.  All of the above mentioned offices shall be filled by an election in the month of DECEMBER.  The duration of the offices shall be one calendar year, with the exception of the Trustee, who shall serve for three years.


3B.  The newly elected officers shall take office effective the 1st of JANUARY and assume all the duties of the outgoing officers.



Any member wishing to run for an officer position in the club must be in the club:

4A.  President/Vice President/Treasurer – 3 years of continual membership immediately prior to taken office.


4B.  Secretary/Safety Officer – 1 year of continual membership immediately prior to taken office.


4C.  Trustee – Any member wishing to run for Trustee must have 10 years continual immediate membership prior to taken position.  Each Trustee will be elected to a 3 year term.


4D.  Grandfather Clause: Any member currently holding a position is automatically qualified to run for that position.


4C.  If no qualified member accepts nomination the highest qualified member accepting nomination can run.  Highest meaning most years continual immediate membership prior to taken position.






1A.  The PRESIDENT shall, three months (September) preceding the election, appoint a nominating committee of at least two members not currently CLUB officers.  The Nominating Committee will ask the membership to submit nominations, in writing, prior to the close of the September meeting.


1B.  The nominating committee shall contact the nominees to verify their willingness to serve and present the list of candidates to THE CLUB at the regular October meeting.  At this time, additional nominees will be accepted.



2A.  All elections will be held by a secret ballot at the regular December meeting.  The ballot will be mailed to all members in the November issue of the CLUB’s Newsletter.  The ballot may be turned in at the December meeting, or mailed to a designated recipient prior to the meeting.  No ballots will be available at the December meeting.


2B.  The election shall be conducted by the election officer and tellers appointed by the PRESIDENT.


2C.  The nominee receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared the winner.


2D.  In case of a tie, the determination shall be made by continuously balloting the membership until a winner is decided.



3A.  Removal of an officer shall only be by a special vote.


3B.  A special vote for the removal of an officer must be petitioned to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS in writing.  The petition must state the reasons for removal and must be signed by at least 25% of the current members.


3C.  The BOARD shall review the petition, notify the officer in question, and set up a vote either at a regular club meeting or have a special meeting to decide the matter. Removal from office requires a 2/3 majority vote of the club members present at the meeting.



4A.  Any office vacated by an officer shall be filled at the next regular club meeting by an election called by the PRESIDENT.  All resignations must be in writing.


4B.  If the office of PRESIDENT is vacated, it shall immediately be filled by the VICE PRESIDENT and a new VICE PRESIDENT will be elected at the next regular club meeting.





1A.  A member or an applicant for membership to THE CLUB must obtain and maintain concurrent membership in the AMA.


1B.  Membership is open to anyone who is 9 years old or older who is engaged in or wishes to start in the hobby of modeling.



2A.  Upon proof of membership in the AMA, an applicant may become a member of THE CLUB.  If an applicant to THE CLUB is not currently a member of the AMA, his/her club application will be held by the CORRESPONDING SECRETARY until proof of AMA membership is provided.


2B.  The applicant must pay his or her dues before being eligible to participate in any of THE CLUB’s functions, plus an Administrative Fee of $25.00.



3A.  The Board of Directors and/or the officers of THE CLUB shall propose any change in the dues for the following year at the October meeting.  They would be based on the Projected Ending Balance for the year and the Estimated Expenses for the coming year.  Written notification will be given to the membership prior to the November meeting, at which time vote will be taken.  If this action is not taken, dues remain at the current rate.


3B.  Dues shall become payable at the regular December meeting and shall be paid to the TREASURER no later than the 31st of January.


3C.  Failure to pay dues by January 31st of any given year shall result in immediate removal of said member from THE CLUB’s Roster of Current Members, and denial of participation in any of THE CLUB’s functions.


3D.  Reinstatement as a Current Member can only be achieved by immediate payment of dues plus the Administrative Fee of $25.00.


3E.  The paid year for THE CLUB shall be from January 1st to December 31st.  Dues are to be paid no later than January 31st of any given year.  The following is the new fee schedule.

  • New Members signing up for from Jan. 1 – Oct 14 fee of $70 + Application fee $25  will be for that year of sign up only.
  • New Members signing up  from Oct 15 – Dec. 31 fee of $70 + Application fee $25 will be applied for the following year membership.


3F.  The annual dues for a Junior Member, or an applicant who is under 20 Years of age, will be waived.



  1. General: All members and their guests shall conduct themselves in accordance with generally accepted common courtesy whenever present at any club function, the flying field or when visiting another club’s facility.  Specifically, the following actions are included, but not limited to, the code as violations.


  1. Vulgar and/or profane language
  2. Threatening or intimidating actions against another person
  3. Damaging or destroying another person’s personal property
  4. Damaging or destroying club property
  5. Assaulting another person
  6. Flying field safety violations


In the event of any infraction observed by a member, that member shall report it to the Board of Directors, with the names of two witnesses, for adjudication. Generally the complaint will be reviewed and a meeting will be scheduled with both parties to resolve the issue and recommend further action, if necessary. In addition, any criminal activity or action will be subject to immediate dismissal from the club and notification to the police will be made.


  1. Submitting a Compliant: When a violation is observed a complaint shall be presented to the Board of Directors orally and follow-up in writing. The complaint shall include the nature of the infraction, the person or persons involved, the location, date, time and names of two witnesses. The Board of Directors will determine if the violation should be submitted to the membership for further action.


  1. Complaint Disposition: Depending upon the severity of the offense, the Board of Directors may send a warning letter to the violator; or submit the offense to the membership with a recommendation to suspend or expel. The membership present at the next club business meeting will vote on whether to suspend or expel the violator. A majority vote of the membership will be binding.


  1. Board of Directors Structure: A minimum of three Board members is required to make disposition of a complaint.




  1. COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON: Shall serve until the committee is dissolved, or the person resigns from the position. The Chairperson shall recruit members to assist him or her in accomplishing the committee’s charge. The Chairperson will periodically furnish a report to the VICE PRESIDENT on the committee’s progress.


  1. Long Term or Standing Committees shall continue until dissolved by the PRESIDENT. In the event the Chairperson resigns from the position, a new Chairperson will be appointed by the PRESIDENT. If a member resigns from the committee, the Chairperson may, at his or her option, seek a new committee member.


  1. A Special Committee shall continue until the assigned task is completed at which time it shall be automatically dissolved.


  1. EVENTS DIRECTOR: Shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT and is responsible for the scheduling of events or contests to be hosted by THE CLUB and, except for the auction, shall arrange for the use of suitable facilities and obtain any special insurance certificates.
  2. CONTEST DIRECTOR: Shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT from a list of volunteers and will be responsible for the overall operation of the contest/event and shall recruit such assistance as is required. He or she shall be responsible for enforcement of the rules of the competition and act as arbiter and final authority in case of disputes. The Contest Director of the event in the preceding year shall be given the right of first refusal.


  1. PROPERTY MANAGER: Shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT and is responsible for maintaining an inventory of property owned by, or loaned to THE CLUB and shall make reasonable effort to know the whereabouts of THE CLUB’s property.





  1. The bylaws may only be amended by a two thirds majority vote of members at a regular club meeting called for the express purpose of making said change.


  1. All proposed amendments should be submitted to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for their consideration and recommendations prior to the reading and written notification.


  1. All amendments must be submitted in writing to all members 30 days prior to any vote being taken. All members must be notified of the date of the discussion meeting and vote meeting. All amendments must be formally read aloud during at least one regular meeting.


  1. No vote on a bylaw change can be taken until the next regular or special meeting following written notification.




DATE: May 28, 2014