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Revised December 10, 2020



In these uncertain times, the harsh reality of the Coronavirus Pandemic has forced us to conduct CLUB business differently. The following changes to our By-Laws seeks to address this. We will need to streamline our processes, rely more heavily on communication technologies and schedule in person meetings within the prescribed safe Covid-19 guidelines. The Radio Control Hobby is rewarding and a lot of fun.   

Revised December 10, 2020


1A.  The name of this organization shall be known as the “OCEAN COUNTY MODELERS” hereinafter referred to as THE CLUB.

1B.  THE CLUB shall operate under the charter of the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS, INC. hereinafter referred to as THE AMA.

1C.  DISSOLUTION: In the event THE CLUB is dissolved, it shall be liquidated under the applicable New Jersey statutes or as directed by competent authority having jurisdiction.


The objectives of THE CLUB are to promote the hobby of Radio Control Modeling in all phases, to develop and maintain Programs designed to encourage youth to enter into and sustain the hobby of radio control modeling and to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the modeling fraternity.


THE CLUB shall be non-political, non-partisan and open to anyone without regard for sex, race, creed, or national origin.


4A.  CLUB meetings will be scheduled as deemed necessary by the Board and will be held at a time and place to be determined by the Board.

4B.  The location shall be as centrally located to its membership as is possible and large enough to accommodate the entire membership.

4C.  The meeting shall be run according to the Club By-Laws. The format shall be outlined by The Board.

4D.  Special meetings shall only be called by the PRESIDENT

4E.  Recognized Speakers:  Every member prior to speaking or making a motion shall raise their hand to be recognized by the chair.  When two (2) or more members request the floor at the same time, the presiding officer shall name the entitled speaker. No member, recognized by the chair, shall be interrupted while speaking.

4H.  Disorderly Conduct:  At all meetings, any officer or member who may be disorderly at the meeting shall be asked to leave, and if they refuse, they will be ejected from the meeting.  The President or presiding officer shall have the power to determine when a member is in such condition. The president or presiding officer shall have the power to refuse the voice or vote of any officer or member using profanity or insulting language during the meeting.



1A.  The governing body of THE CLUB shall consist of five officers.  They are the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, TREASURER, SECRETARY and SAFETY OFFICER.

1B.  A secondary body known as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, hereinafter referred to as THE BOARD, shall consist of the present officers, and three trustees appointed by THE BOARD.


2A.  PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at meetings of the club and preserve order therein.  He or she shall enforce all club bylaws and decide all points of order which shall remain final.  He or she shall along with the Vice President appoint all committees and chairperson to such committees.

2B.  VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assist the PRESIDENT in all above mentioned duties, shall monitor committees and shall assume the role of PRESIDENT in his or her absence.

2C.  TREASURER: Shall receive all moneys and deposit them in the bank account(s) maintained by THE CLUB.

Shall account for all income and expenditures, shall make a report to the President and the Board as requested. Shall submit records for audit by the AMA as requested.

2D.  SECRETARY: Shall keep written minutes of all Board of Directors and CLUB meetings. maintain records of all business conducted.

The Secretary shall notify all members of all meetings and events.

In addition, the SECRETARY Shall handle all correspondence on behalf of THE CLUB that is not specifically handled by another CLUB officer.  He or she shall be responsible for maintaining THE CLUB’s AMA Charter, bylaws, current roster and insurance certificates for the CLUB’s flying sites.

2E.  SAFETY OFFICER: Shall institute rules and regulations in compliance with the AMA SAFETY CODE as set forth in the current AMA MEMBERSHIP MANUAL.

2F.  TRUSTEES: The Trustees will exercise careful supervision over the interest of the CLUB in matters of its leased property, equipment and other legal documents.  For the purpose of expediency, the agreement by any 2 trustees and President or Vice President in the absence of the president on matters put before them for consideration will be sufficient to approve necessary action. They along with the current sitting officers will be part of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

2G.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The BOARD shall meet as deemed necessary for the purpose of discussing all problems, ideas and any other item pertinent to THE CLUB and make any decision required.  The BOARD shall have the power to make any final decision based on a majority of the board and trustee’s being in agreement.  They shall keep written minutes of their proceedings.  These minutes shall be read at the next regular meeting.


3A.  All the above listed offices shall be filled as they become vacant.

3B.  Upon the receipt of a resignation to any board position, the club membership will be notified.

Any club member in good standing and who has met the requirements for the open position may submit their candidacy request in writing to the club secretary.

Upon receipt of all candidate submissions, the club members will be notified, and a special election will be conducted either by calling a meeting, or through e-mail ballot as conditions permit.


Any member wishing to run for an officer position in the club must be in the club:

4A.  President/Vice President/Treasurer – 3 years of continual membership immediately prior to taking office.

4B.  Secretary/Safety Officer – 1 year of continual membership immediately prior to taking office.

4C.  Trustee – Any member wishing to become a Trustee must have 3 years continual immediate membership prior to taking the position.



2A.  All elections will be held by a vote of the general membership. The ballot will be e-mailed or sent through regular mail to all members.

2B.  The election shall be either conducted by a meeting called by the PRESIDENT or through e-mail and regular mail as conditions permit.

2C.  The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared the winner.

2D.  In case of a tie, a winner will be declared by a majority vote of the sitting Board to break the tie.

2E. In the event the president resigns, the vice president will in conjunction with the rest of the Board carry on the business of the club until such times as a new president is elected.


3A.  Removal of an officer shall only be by a majority vote of the balance of the Board of Directors.

3B.  Should it become necessary to remove a board member, the membership will be notified of the result of the Board’s decision.



1A.  A member or an applicant for membership to THE CLUB must obtain and maintain concurrent membership in the AMA.

1B.  Membership is open to anyone who is 9 years old or older who is engaged in or wishes to start in the hobby of modeling.


2A.  Upon proof of membership in the AMA, an applicant may become a member of THE CLUB.  If an applicant to THE CLUB is not currently a member of the AMA, his/her club application will be held by the SECRETARY until proof of AMA membership is provided.

2B.  The applicant must pay his or her dues before being eligible to participate at the clubs facility and at any of THE CLUB’s functions, plus the current administration Fee


3A.  The BOARD OF DIRECTORS of THE CLUB shall propose any change in the dues and fees for the following year.

They would be based on the Projected Ending Balance for the year and the estimated expenses for the coming year. Upon distribution of the proposed change to the membership.

Should no action be proposed for a change to the annual dues by November, the membership dues and fees will remain the same.

3B.  Dues shall be paid to the TREASURER no later than January 1st of the following year.

3C.  Failure to pay dues by January 1st of any given year shall result in immediate removal of said member from THE CLUB’s Roster of Current Members, and denial of participation in any of THE CLUB’s functions.

3D.  Reinstatement as a Current Member can only be achieved by immediate payment of dues plus the current administrative Fee.

3E.  The paid year for THE CLUB shall be from January 2nd to January 1st of the following year.


  1. General: All members and their guests shall conduct themselves in accordance with generally accepted common courtesy whenever present at any club function, the flying field or when visiting another club’s facility.  Specifically, the following actions are included, but not limited to, the code as violations.
    • Vulgar and/or profane language
    • Threatening or intimidating actions against another person
    • Damaging or destroying another person’s personal property
    • Damaging or destroying club property
    • Assaulting another person

Flying Field Safety Violations

  1. In the event of any infraction observed by a member, that member shall report it to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, with supporting evidence including witnesses if possible, for adjudication. The complaint will be reviewed, investigated, and any appropriate action necessary including expulsion from the club will be determined by a majority of the full BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  2. Any criminal activity or action will be subject to immediate dismissal from the club and notification to the proper authorities will be made by the president only.


  1. COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON: Shall serve until the committee is dissolved, or the person resigns from the position. The Chairperson shall recruit members to assist him or her in accomplishing the committee’s charge. The Chairperson will periodically furnish a report to the VICE PRESIDENT on the committee’s progress. Long Term or Standing Committees shall continue until dissolved by the PRESIDENT. In the event the Chairperson resigns from the position, a new Chairperson will be appointed by the PRESIDENT. If a member resigns from the committee, the Chairperson may, at his or her option, seek a new committee member. A Special Committee shall continue until the assigned task is completed at which time it shall be automatically dissolved.
  2. EVENTS DIRECTOR: Shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT and is responsible for the scheduling of events or contests to be hosted by THE CLUB and, except for the auction, shall arrange for the use of suitable facilities and obtain any special insurance certificates.
  3. CONTEST DIRECTOR: Shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT from a list of volunteers and will be responsible for the overall operation of the contest/event and shall recruit such assistance as is required. He or she shall be responsible for enforcement of the rules of the competition and act as arbiter and final authority in case of disputes. The Contest Director of the event in the preceding year shall be given the right of first refusal.


  1. The bylaws may be amended through Board discretion from time to time as circumstances arise.
  2. Any suggestions by membership for a bylaws change must be submitted for consideration in writing by e-mail or regular mail to the club secretary.
  3. The club membership will be notified of any changes to the bylaws either electronically, through regular mail.


All club Members shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the officers, trustees, persons, or any other associate of Ocean County Modelers from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, losses or expenses of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, costs and disbursements, whether of in-house or outside counsel and whether or not an action is brought, on appeal or otherwise), arising from or out of, or relating to, directly or indirectly, the activities and operations at Wiskow Field in Jackson New Jersey or any other location  of the Ocean County Modelers or any other illness or injury.



DATE: December 10, 2020