Ocean County Modelers Application for New Membershipjoin

Part One: Fill out the information below and when completed click “Sign Up Here”  You will get an email confirming your information was received.  Go to Part Two below:

Part Two: Please email to “rabii@dls.rutgers.edu” your AMA number, your FAA number (including expiration date) and a picture of yourself, head only (if available).

Once part one and two are verified you will get an email from our OCM club secretary confirming your preliminary application acceptance.  Final acceptance will be completed when payment is cleared.

Part Three: Mail your application fee based on the pricing below to

Ocean County Modelers

c/o Jam Rabii

12 Edenbridge Lane

Manchester, NJ 08759

New Members signing up for from Jan. 1 – July 31: fee of $80 + Application fee $25  will be for that year of sign up only.

New member signing up from Aug. 1 – Sept. 30: fee of $50 + Application fee $25 will be for that year sign up only.

New Members signing up  from Oct. 1 – Dec. 31: fee of $80 + Application fee $25 will be applied for the remainder of that year  (Oct. – Dec.) and for the following year’s membership.

Make check or money order out to Ocean County Modelers with a Self-addressed envelope. A new membership card will be sent to you, this card is proof of OCM membership.



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