Welcome to Ocean County Modelers. There are 2 forms here that are required for the auction, Master Form 2019 and Item Tags 2019. The first form is the master form and the second form are tags to affix to the items being auctioned.

Items will be auctioned by LOT#, which will be assigned at time of registration. Registration starts at 8:30am. LOT # will be assigned in numerical order at time of registration. While items will be auctioned by LOT #, the auction may not proceed in numerical order.

Print the forms on white paper. Heavier stock paper works well for the auction tags.

Master Form 2019

This form is the primary form. Please fill out your information on the top of the form. DO NOT fill in the LOT#, this will be assigned at the time of registration for the auction. Please indicate in the description if there are multiple parts to the item. Provide a BRIEF description for each item. Every item that you are auctioning must be listed on this form. Do not fill out the right portion of the form and do not sign it.

Item Tags 2019

Print the tag sheet and cut the separate tags apart. Fill in the item #. This number will correspond to the item # on the master form. DO NOT fill in the LOT# until it is assigned at the time of registration. The sold to and price spaces will be filled in at time of sale. Fill out the description for the item. Be thorough. This description is what will be used to describe the item during the auction. After the tag is filled out attach it to securely the item being sold. Please attach the tag in such a way that it will not fall off. Use caution so that any surfaces are not marred. If the item being auctioned includes multiple parts please put a tag on each item. An example would be a plane being sold with a transmitter and a field box. (3 total items)   Label the tags in this fashion – ITEM # 1 (1 of 3), then the next item would be ITEM# 1 (2 of 3), and so on.