By Sal Piu

            OCM members have been inquiring on what are the pattern maneuvers that they could possibly fly at our annual pattern contest.  All the maneuvers are identified on the NSRCA web site, specific on the page labeled “Current Sequences” at .  Several classes, essentially level of categories, are offered.  The easiest “Class” is the “Club Class” which is intended for a typical hobby-flyer.  If you find this too simple, the complexity of maneuvers increases with each class, with the “401- Sportsman“ class being the next level up.  The hardest USA-national sequence is the “404-Masters” class.  However, the hardest international level is actually one level harder than that and is called the “406 F3A Sequences”.

            The Club Class is so simple that most sport models should be able to do maneuvers, including trainer models.  In fact, even the Sportsman Class can be flown and won with almost any model.  One competitor won several contests in the Sportsman Class with only a 60-size Ugly Stick ARF!  Here are the Club Class maneuvers for this year for your convenience:

 1.       Takeoff

2.       Straight Flight Out

3.       Procedure Turn

4.       Straight Flight Back

5.       Stall Turn without Rolls

6.       Immelmann Turn

7.       45 Degree Upline

8.       Straight Inverted Flight

9.       Two Inside Loops

10.     Landing

 The NSRCA web site previously mentioned also has links for the Club Class sequence, as well as the “Arresti” pictorial diagram, and a Youtube link of the sequence being flown, at   If you have trouble downloading or understand specific sequences, feel free to email me, at for a digital copy or answer questions.

 The above sequences cover outdoor precision aerobatics in general.  This web page also includes sequences for indoor precision aerobatic competition at an international level, referred to as “F3P Indoor Pattern Sequences.”