Excerpted from the AMA website:

President Trump signed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 into law Oct 5, 2018, which contains several provisions relating to our hobby. As we previously mentioned, AMA championed some of the provisions included in the bill on behalf of our nearly 200,000 members. Other provisions will require closer dialogue and coordination with the FAA in the months and years to come.

2018 FAA Authorization Bill

You can read Section 349 that primarily affects our hobby by clicking here.

  • AMA members should continue to fly in accordance with AMA’s safety guidelines as we have for decades. Existing agreements between AMA clubs and the FAA are still valid and should be followed until further notice.
  • Congress more clearly defines community-based organizations (CBOs) and tasks FAA to recognize CBOs.
  • CBOs, like AMA, are given a more prominent role in shaping future regulations.
  • Congress codifies elements of AMA’s safety programming into law including the use of first person view.
  • The five mile airport notification rings are removed, which was a burdensome and often misinterpreted mandate placed on our hobby.
  • There are no prescriptive Remote ID equipage mandates, which allows AMA to continue to champion for a more reasonable approach and threshold.
  • Congress allocated $1 million every year to help support education campaigns such as Know Before You Fly that AMA co founded.
  • Congress recognizes the distinction between members of a CBO, like AMA, and those “outside the membership, guidelines, and programming” of a CBO.  Congress then tasks the FAA to consider different operating parameters for each recreational community.