Support the House AIRR Act (HR 2997)

July 19, 2017 in OCM by Web Admin

AMA is strongly supporting the House version of the FAA reauthorization bill (HR 2997), formally known as the 21st Century Aviation Innovation Reform & Reauthorization (AIRR) Act, and we need your help to get it across the finish line. The House is finalizing this legislation now and is expected to have a floor vote soon.

The AIRR Act directs the FAA to take a forward-looking and modern approach to aviation in all forms, including model aircraft and manned aviation. We believe this legislation advances aviation across the board, creates opportunity for 21stcentury innovations and, most importantly, keeps our skies safe for all.

With regard to our hobby, the AIRR Act preserves and strengthens the Special Rule for Model Aircraft and affirms the importance of a community-based approach to managing the recreational community.

Specifically, the AIRR Act provides a clear definition of a community-based organization (CBO) and tasks the FAA with developing a process for recognizing CBOs. This legislation also maintains the current notification requirement for flying near airports, rather than a more restrictive and unrealistic approach that would require permission. In addition, the bill expands the protections of the Special Rule to allow model aircraft to be used as a teaching tool for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

It is important to note that AMA will continue to work throughout the FAA reauthorization process to further refine and improve the AIRR Act.

Please join us in support of the AIRR Act by contacting your Member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Enter your zip code below and urge your representative to vote in favor of the AIRR Act. This legislation is not only favorable for our hobby, it’s good for everyone in the aviation community.

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